Core Values & Branding Slogan
NAS Core Values:
  • International Mindedness: Acknowledging and respecting different cultures, religion and nationalities.
  • Innovation: To change outdated ideas and products into new and improved outcomes .
  • Team Work: Teamwork is collaboration and cooperation with peers to achieve a common goal effectively and efficiently.
  • Inclusion: To facilitate and support all students' learning through creating environment and attitudes where barriers to learning are removed; valuing, reaching and accepting different abilities.
  • Discipline: To use positive proactive non-aversive methods to support positive behavior among students and develop self- responsibility .
  • Respect: To value others' feelings, point of views and rights, and to treat them better than you want to be treated.
Branding Slogan:
  • Inspire: To stimulate inner motivation and influence others to go above and beyond the expectation in all areas of performance.
  • Inquire: To be encouraged to pose questions, and stimulate curiosity through investigation and reflection in order to solve problems.
  • Interact: Collaborate and cooperate through sharing views, experiences, and discussions to elevate bonds and rapport with students and staff furthering learning.
  • Innovate: Change outdated ideas and products into new and improved outcomes.
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